27 July 2009

New Blogger Template on Sale - I'm Working

Here is the latest template available on BloggerSkinz right now ~ I'm Working.

I'm Working Blogger Template

Template Name:
I'm Working

Template Specifications:
2-Column Template
Header Area for Logo and Blog Description
Search Bar
Link Area
Add-Me Link / RSS, Facebook or Twitter ready
3-Column Footer Area
Smooth anchor scrolling back to the top at the end of footer

Customization Ability:

I'm Working Blogger Template Customization Ability

(1) Have your own logo to replace the default template logo
(2) Specify your own Top links
(3) Specify your own Add-Me links
(5) Have your own pictures on your blog header
(4) Have your own favicon to replace the default template favicon

Template Tested on:
Firefox3, Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome & Safari

Template Price:RM15

To buy, simply click on on the 'Order Now' and fill up the form

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