20 August 2009

Custom Design Template for Chiwawa Family

At last, I was finally able to show you guys some of my recent works that have kept me busy from posting at BloggerSkinz. The first I would like to show is a custom template made for Chiwawa Family.

Chiwawa Family Template Preview

The owner of this blog is Celine. She started an online store selling handmade sock dolls named Chiwawa and uses this blog to promote her products as well as to blog about her life.

I had a great time playing with so many images of her sock dolls. I wished I can put in more dolls around her blog but I just feared it would like caused the entire blog to be saturated:P Also, I used some of the coding techniques that are quite new too me because of some sidebar elements that are recently available for blogger. That's why it was a challenging yet fun experience.

This is how the footer looks like:

Chiwawa Family Template Preview

Thanks once again to Celine for giving me the opportunity to 'bling' up her blog! Do visit her blog and take a look at those adorable sock dolls! Chiwawa Family