27 August 2009

Custom Design Template for My iShoppe

This is the 4th project I'd working on for the past couple of weeks (together with Chiwawa Family, Three River and Marshmallow Popsicles) - My iShoppe.

My iShoppe Template Layout

The owner of this new blogshop is Alice and she is starting this online store to sell products for woman, man and children. This site is still young and there will be more products to be available in the near future. You can visit her shop and get to know more what types of products are available over there. My iShoppe

I worked with her just like the way I helped my friend on her website My Totoro. It is fun yet challenging at times, having to switch between her's and mine Blogger account and on top of that, my connection was not helping to speed up the process~:(

Here is the look of the footer. It is a 4-Column Footer because we want to include the links to each of the product categories. That way, it is easier for the visitors to browse through other products without having to scroll all the way back to the top of the main navigation links

My iShoppe Footer Layout