03 September 2009

Custom Design Template for Wonderkitten

My latest completed project for Wonderkitten

Wonderkitten Blog Layout

This project has been on a standstill for quite some time due to time constraints and only recently that it was given a breath of life. It actually started way earlier than the previous completed projects. So now that it has been completed, I can finally showed it out at Bloggerskinz. The blog owner is Lois and she is a illustrator / tee designer. She uses her blog to showcase her design portfolio as well as to market her own design tee.

Wonderkitten Header Layout

Header Section

Wonderkitten Sidebar and Post Footer Layout

Sidebar and Post Footer Section

Make sure you pay a visit to her blog and look out for her awesomely cute tee design. Wonderkitten. Also, thanks Lois for this project and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to work on your blog!